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Join me as I perform a step-by-step installation of the MySQL 5.5 Database Server and the MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51 on my Windows XP Professional machine. Then watch as I connect to it using the Borland Database Engine and talk to the server right from dBASE Plus.

Note: The MySQL company had a habit of moving stuff around on their website, so it may or may not appear as it does in the tutorial. This tutorial is current as of 06 Aug 2012.

There are 4 parts to getting the system running:

  • the MySQL 5.5 Database Server - in the tutorial, I install the database server right here on a Windows XP Professional PC. However, this may not be appropriate for you, for example if you are trying to connect to a MySQL database that exists on a LAN database server, or if you are accessing a MySQL database thousands of miles away over the internet. Whatever your configuration is, you need to have a MySQL database somewhere to connect to! If you are trying to connect to an existing database, you can skip Step 1 - but remember that when the following steps refer to the database server on localhost, you will need to substitute the location of your server.
  • the MySQL Connector/ODBC version 3.51 - this is required to connect a Windows system to the mySQL database
  • the BDE Alias configuration - the Borland Database Engine allows dBASE to connect via ODBC
  • the dBASE configuration
There are 4 parts to this tutorial:

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