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This site is intended to help people find jobs in the Ottawa area IT industry. In 1997, it was designed and built by David Caiger, who did all the 'real' work putting things together. Unfortunately, Mr. Caiger suffered a long period of illness, and turned the job links site over to ChelseaData.ca for continued development. Thanks, Dave!

History: Originally, all pages were created/updated by an MS Access database, which created a bunch of static pages offline. In 2000, it was converted to a dBASE application, doing the same thing - enabling quick and easy checking and updating of the job site links provided. Over the last 6 months, I have converted everything to php/mySQL pages that are queried live. An automated link checker is used for basic link verification. Detailed site checking is done manually to attempt to ensure that the links are current and that the summaries / categorizations are accurate. Job site links are added as they are discovered or submitted.

The summaries provide basic information about each organization. In many cases, it is some text borrowed from the organization's site.

Summaries and Link Status can be hidden by choosing "Hide Summaries" at the top (or bottom) of each category page. This provides a compact list of just the job site links and avoids the sometimes nauseating drivel put out by the corporate marketing departments.

The links can take the user to the homepage of the organization, or a career/employment page if available/appropriate. Some sites without career page links do have career pages, but their sites use technologies that make it difficult (for example sessions, frames, popups) to provide a link.

With/without job opportunities - "Companies with specific job opportunities" does NOT mean the company currently has jobs available - it means that their website has the ability to display them IF they do have specific opportunities (usually this means a Careers page). The idea is to make it easier for you to find specific opportunities where they are most likely to be. Remember though, some companies that do not display specific opportunities may still be looking - they just don't go to the trouble of displaying their needs on the website.

Currently, this service is done on a voluntary basis (no banner ads, no charge for employer listings), so our biggest pay-back is to hear from individuals that have found a job with the help of this site. And feel free to suggest changes or enhancements that you think might improve the site.

Category Definitions

Internet Job Listing Services
Self-explanatory - Job listing services solely based on the internet. These services are free for job searchers (with the exception of one or two that will charge if you want "extra" services).
Consulting Firms/Placement Agencies
Firms that usually hire on a contract basis on behalf of others (as opposed to companies seeking permanent employees for themselves).
Firms that usually hire permanent employees.

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